Storage Tank Inspection

Responsive service and more information at less cost

Take advantage of the proven expertise and total value CFM Above Ground Storage Tank Inspections offer. Our highly responsive technicians are certified to API 653, and can provide you with immediate on-site evaluation and reporting and are available 24/7.

CFM's exceptional combination of certified inspectors, in-depth experience, and state-of-the art equipment, deliver the overall cost savings and added value you're looking for.

Our DX-20 Magnetically- Attached Ultrasonic / Remote Visual Testing Crawler has complete ultrasonic inspection and API-653 regulatory compliance capabilities for tanks and vessels of all sizes. It does not require scaffolding, ladders, or sky climbers, and features manless entry  into confined or hazardous spaces. The DX-20 is also able to negotiate 1" high obstacles, rivets, lap joints, and welds.

CFM also employs the MFE 2412 to inspect and detect bottom side & topside corrosion, allowing our technicians to accurately examine tank floors at rates of 60 or more feet per minute.

  • Our Above Ground Tank Inspection services include:
  • Nondestructive testing services
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement using our DX-20 remote crawler
  • MFE 2412 floor scanner
  • DX-20 Magnetically- Attached Ultrasonic / Remote Visual Testing Crawler
  • Our Tank Inspection Qualifications include:
  • API 653 certified inspectors

Applications include:

  • Tank shells, roofs and floors
  • Confined Space inspections
  • Hazardous area inspection
  • Benefits include:
  • Immediate on-site evaluation and reporting
  • More information at less cost
  • Automatic data acquisition analysis and API-653 calculations

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