Weld Procedure Development

Iron-clad experience and comprehensive certification

Drawing from our many years of hands-on welding experience, CFM has the extensive qualifications and in-depth knowledge to provide you with a wide range of Weld Procedure Development services.

From weld engineering to chemical analysis, we have the equipment and expertise you require, available 24/7.

Our Applied Welding Technology services include: 

  • Generalized welding/metallurgical consulting
  • Welding procedure development/evaluations
  • Innovation to mechanized welding opportunities
  • Qualification of welding/brazing procedures to ASME, DOL, CWB, MIL, DND, CSA or company specified requirements
  • Evaluation of welding project contractual requirements
  • Welding process and procedure cost and productivity analysis
  • Weldability testing
  • Provision of technical support for project bid proposals
  • Provision of on-site repair supervision/consulting services during break-down or planned plant shutdown modifications

Our Materials and Metallurgical Evaluation services include: 

  • Evaluation of materials applications to ensure weldability, corrosion, chemistry, joint design, tolerances and mechanical properties
  • On-site materials evaluations with hardness testing and/or chemical analysis baseline testing
  • Provision of third party investigation reports relating to materials, welding or weld quality concerns
  • Positive material identification (ferrous and non-ferrous)

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